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One of the most serious dangers workers in certain industries face is from arc flash, electric shock, fire, molten metal splash and chemicals, etc. — can result in serious injury or death to workers. Industrial workwear carries a full line of protective clothing, safety workwear and PPE to keep workers safe in these industries. Our safety products line includes arc flash protective and flame resistant clothing, fire fighting clothing, aluminized clothing, chemical resistant clothing and other PPE products.

Nomex Honeycomb - NOMEX HONEYCOMB

Nomex Honeycomb (NOMEX HONEYCOMB) composite aircraft interior panels from Euro-Composites, Plascore and Gill Corporation are available from Professional Plastics.

DuPont Vacrel® Dry Film Soldermasks

DuPont Vacrel® Dry Film Soldermask is an aqueous processable, negative working photopolymer that provides environment protection to the PCBs

Electrical Insulation Tape - P. Leo & Co.,

Electrical Insulating tapesare used primarily on small to large coils and capacitors to provide mechanical holding power during the manufacturing process (typically ...

Vespel® SP By DuPont - Professional Plastics

Vespel® SP by DuPont Polyimide Parts and Shapes (Rods, Plates, Bars) offer the physical properties of engineered plastics, metals, and ceramics.

Leeds Transformer Co_ Ltd - Leeds, UK

Manufacturer of bespoke transformers and rectifier units. Product information and contact details.

Flame Resistant Clothes

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